Graphic Design for “Echoes of the Sundering”,
a deck-construction fantasy adventure.

I also created a lot of illustrations for this game!

Combat and other closely related cards

As the heart of the game, the combat cards served as a starting point for all the related card designs.
After creating a lot of sketches, the layout was narrowed down and rendered in full detail. Iconography for “Attack”, “Block”, “Armor” and other actions complete the design. Illustrations by Paulina Opak

Presented above, are three other types of cards that are closely related to the design of the combat cards. Illustrations by myself.

On the left: The back side of the cards.
The seven-pointed star is of symbolic relevance in the game and had to be the main focus of the design while being rather mystical than occult.

Item Cards

The layout and design of the item cards had to match the treatment of the other cards, while presenting the artwork and information in a different way. While some back sides only differ slightly from the front, others show needed resources for crafting. I also created various pieces of iconography for the different types of items and their costs and bonuses. Illustrations of resources by Paulina Opak, rest by myself.