David Schneider

Illustration and Concept Art

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Based in Vienna, Austria.
Initially educated as photographer and 10 years in the advertising industry, working as a Senior 3D Artist for clients like Coca Cola, McDonald’s, BMW, Pfizer and many others. After ventures into fabric design and graphic design, I finally found my passion for Illustration and Concept Art.

Visual Skills
– Character and Creature Design and Illustration
– Environment Design and Illustration
– Design Iteration

Technical Skills
– Photoshop
– Blender
– Maya
– ZBrush
– Illustrator
– Unity

Other Skills & Interests
Photography & Photo editing
Game Design & Programming (C#)
3D & Animation
– Graphic Design

– Composition Bootcamp | Marshall Vandruff
– World Building Mentorship | Lake Hurwitz
– Figure Drawing and Anatomy | Will Weston
– Environment and Composition | Will Weston
– Personal Concept Art Mentorship | Marcin Rubinkowski
– Countless hours spent with tutorials, books, studies and sketches