Cover Image for the board game “Crossing Oceans”

The main requirement for the cover of Crossing Oceans, the successor to TransAtlantic, was to present a prominent view of a majestic ocean liner, chasing the Blue Riband which was granted to those, crossing the Atlantic Ocean in record speeds.

Initial Sketches

Initially, the publisher wanted to view a ship as seen from the bridge of another ship, but was open to other ideas.
An important goal at this stage was to show the race for the Blue Riband, given to the ships for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. The combination of the mandatory engine order telegraph, which also plays a role in the game itself, as well as the visually present riband, support the idea.

Fleshing out the idea

The client wanted to explore a more classic direction, inspired by old posters, featuring a map or globe in the background.
After the overall design was approved, I blocked the scene out in 3D, integrated the map and painted over it to bring it all together.